Sneak Peek: Jessica and Adam {An Altamont Manor Wedding}

“some fly to Neverland, but I can take you there if you just grab my hand, together we can get lost and find ourselves over and again. As long as I have you in my Neverland.”

Jessica and Adam were married last weekend at Altamont Manor and we danced with the rain and with their smiles to offer up just a quick peek into their lovely day!
web jessica and adam-2

I think he likes her🙂

web jessica and adam

Sneak Peek: Janelle and Paul : A Thacher Park Celebration

It’s been one year since they said I do!  So guess what we did?  We met back up in Thacher Park on a beautiful afternoon to celebrate that one year has passed and it’s been awesome for these two!

I loved being their photographer, but even better they have become friends.  I can’t wait to show this off!!!

Congrats!!janelle and Paul sneak peek

Introducing Tracy and Mike! {A Maple Shade Farms Wedding!}

Dear Tracy and Mike,

Your summer wedding drenched in sunshine was a dream for any bride and groom, but it was your reality.

The sunshine, the personality of your bridal party, the hay wagon ride and all the details you invested into your celebration of love was a heartfelt delight.

We loved your first look and just the way Mike’s face changed when he saw you for the first time.

So, thank you for allowing us to photograph your beautiful wedding in upstate NY.


Amber and Kristen

Special thank you to Kristen who has been shooting weddings with us this summer!

tracy and mike ewedding blog-1

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Introducing Holly and Nick {A Cooperstown Engagement Session!}

A cute, fun, adorable couple who made me super excited for the wedding day just by spending time with them .

After Nick and Holly met at college, it became apparent that they were a little more than friends.  It wasn’t hard to see they completely get each other.  They will be getting married next September in Cooperstown, and since Nick has a passion for baseball, it seemed fitting to meet at Doubleday Field for their shoot.

Enjoy this!!!


holly and nick e-session blog-1holly and nick e-session blog-2holly and nick e-session blog-10holly and nick e-session blog-11holly and nick e-session blog-15holly and nick e-session blog-16holly and nick e-session blog-17holly and nick e-session blog-20holly and nick e-session blog-21holly and nick e-session blog-29holly and nick e-session blog-30holly and nick e-session-32holly and nick e-session-33holly and nick e-session-34holly and nick e-session-35

Sneak Peek: Michelle and Alex! {A Franklin, NY Wedding }

Michelle and Alex are two artists who just moved back to this gorgeous region to start their married lives together. They did not let the rain foil there plans for the perfect day and all of their friends and family gathered around them. We cant wait to share the rest of this art inspired rustic country wedding!

“Just the thought of you can carry me through, your touch a dream come true and your love, all I have ever needed”


Introducing Floyd and Vanessa! {A Maple Shade Wedding!!}

Dear Floyd and Vanessa,

You’re married!!!!  It’s not hard to smile when we are around you. You two have the cutest way of looking at each other. You also have this awesome way of making everyone in your presence feel important, you can tell just by the way your friends were so truly happy for your wedding day.

Your families are now one and you can call each other husband and wife forever and ever.

I think one of my most favorite moments were the vows you made your children and how you not only promised forever to each other, you also promised forever to them.

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding day.  Enjoy your highlights!



Second photographer: Kristin LiCalzi

Caterer: TP’s Cafe

Hair and Make up : Gina Tarbell

Venue: Maple Shade Farms

vaness and floyd blog-2vaness and floyd blog-3vaness and floyd blog-4vaness and floyd blog-30vaness and floyd blog-27vaness and floyd blog-28vaness and floyd blogvaness and floyd blog-29vaness and floyd blog-8vaness and floyd blog-37vaness and floyd blog-7vaness and floyd blog-9vaness and floyd blog-6vaness and floyd blog-36vaness and floyd blog-44vaness and floyd blog-41vaness and floyd blog-46vaness and floyd blog-47vaness and floyd blog-45vaness and floyd blog-48vaness and floyd blog-50vaness and floyd blog-33vaness and floyd blog-10vaness and floyd blog-11vaness and floyd blog-12vaness and floyd blog-13vaness and floyd blog-14vaness and floyd blog-15vaness and floyd blog-16vaness and floyd blog-17vaness and floyd blog-18vaness and floyd blog-19vaness and floyd blog-58vaness and floyd blog-59vaness and floyd blog-21vaness and floyd blog-23vaness and floyd blog-24vaness and floyd blog-25vaness and floyd blog-22vaness and floyd blog-57vaness and floyd blog-60vaness and floyd blog-61vaness and floyd blog-62vaness and floyd blog-63vaness and floyd blog-53vaness and floyd blog-51vaness and floyd blog-64vaness and floyd blog-65vaness and floyd blog-66vaness and floyd blog-67vaness and floyd blog-68vaness and floyd blog-69vaness and floyd blog-70vaness and floyd blog-71vaness and floyd blog-72vaness and floyd blog-73vaness and floyd blog-74vaness and floyd blog-75vaness and floyd blog-76vaness and floyd blog-77vaness and floyd blog-79vaness and floyd blog-80vaness and floyd blog-81vaness and floyd blog-82vaness and floyd blog-83vaness and floyd blog-26vaness and floyd blog-84

Sneak Peek: Holly and Nick { A Cooperstown E-Session}

You are going to want to see this adorable couple’s engagement session with us.  Holly and Nick are getting married at the Farmer’s Museum next fall! I am so excited to be a part of this journey with them.  Enjoy a little peek at their session.


“Because when I kiss you, there is no other place to be or think of or go. I am already there without intentions of ever leaving.”holly and nick-1

Sneak Peek: Tracy and Mike! {A Maple Shade Farms Wedding}

To fall in love is a gift.  To have someone fall in love with you is a dream.  To be in love and promise forever is a treasure to protect with our souls and not just hearts.  I promised you my heart, I’m forever giving you my soul.

Tracy and Mike we are LOVING your wedding! Here’s a little sneak peek of your gorgeous day!

We will posting a second sneak peek on our instagram party line🙂websptracey

Introducing Erin and Chris! {A Cape Cod Wedding!}

Dear Erin and Chris,

Thank you for bring us ocean side for a wedding!  We love upstate NY, but the coastal line was refreshing and lovely and all together perfect for your wedding day.

The details, the sunshine, the laughter and the vows made this day everything it needed to be.  It’s wonderful to be a part of day where you know everyone is so excited to be a part of it, including us!  We loved the way you looked at each other, just from your highlights, your adoring faces are so sweet.

Thank you for allowing us to a part of something so special.   Enjoy the high lights of your beautiful day!

xoxo Shelly

The Dennis Inn – Wedding Venue and Reception


Fancy Flowers – Florist

Danny Walsh – DJ


Shelly Peavy-Wood

Lisa George – Hair and Makeup




Introducing Sydney and Nate! {An Upstate NY Wedding}

Can you just be mine and I’ll be yours? We will take on our adventures together with hearts intertwined and love always guiding the way.

Dear Sydney and Nathan,

The beauty of your country wedding was almost as beautiful as you!  It was a blast to see the smiles, the first look, the details  and the family happiness that encompassed your entire day.

The  vows under the arbor were perfection, the  reception was alive with celebration and oh how we loved those cupcakes!

We loved how adoringly everyone spoke of both you and that your wedding day was so entrenched in both of you and all of your family.  You can tell how much you are loved!

Thank you for sharing your day with us!  Enjoy your wedding day highlights!



Our instagram party is here!

Flowers: Barber’s Farm and Little Posy

Cake and Cupcakes: Carrot Barn

DJ : Eric Haley

Caterer: Middleburghers

Bridal Dress: Karen’s Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal

Men’s Formal Wear: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair and Make up: Bailee Besso, Glory Addie, Melissa Cater (Shear Heaven)


sydney and nate blog-7sydney and nate blog-8sydney and nate blog-9sydney and nate blog-10sydney and nate blog-11sydney and nate blog-12sydney and nate blog-13sydney and nate blog-14sydney and nate blog-15sydney and nate blog-16sydney and nate blog-17sydney and nate blog-18sydney and nate blog-19sydney and nate blog-20sydney and nate blog-21sydney and nate blog-22sydney and nate blog-24sydney and nate blog-25sydney and nate blog-27sydney and nate blog-28sydney and nate blog-29sydney and nate blog-30sydney and nate blog-31sydney and nate blog-32sydney and nate blog-33sydney and nate blog-35sydney and nate blog-36sydney and nate blog-37sydney and nate blog-39sydney and nate blog-40sydney and nate blog-41sydney and nate blog-42sydney and nate blog-43sydney and nate blog-44sydney and nate blog-45sydney and nate blog-46sydney and nate blog-47sydney and nate blog-48sydney and nate blog-49sydney and nate blog-50sydney and nate blog-51sydney and nate blog-52sydney and nate blog-53sydney and nate blog-54sydney and nate blog-55sydney and nate blog-57sydney and nate blog-58sydney and nate blog-59sydney and nate blog-60sydney and nate blog-61sydney and nate blog-63sydney and nate blog-64sydney and nate blog-67sydney and nate blog-68sydney and nate blog-69sydney and nate blog-70


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