Introducing Jessica and Michael {An Inn at West Settlement Wedding}

Dear Jessica and Michael,
Your wedding at The Inn at West Settlement will be a day you remember for forever. Upstate NY became the place where dreams come true as your wedding day unfolded.
Thank you for allowing us to be your wedding photographers. Your day was filled with so many precious moments but most precious was the memory of your mom, Jessica. How beautiful you were and how much she must have loved you! From your wedding dress to your flowers by Sunny Dale Florist and every detail in between, we were so in love with your day.
Both of you have such genuine hearts and such an amazing little girl! Not to mention, a darn good looking bridal party🙂
Congratulations on this new journey and adventure you are about to take as married partners in the this crazy thing we call life.
amber and shelly

Amber J Instagram: @amberjphoto

Bridal hair and Make up: Faces By Kristin

Bridal party hair and make up: Cherry Blossom Belle and Glory Addie Hair and Make up

Bride’s Dress: Bayshore Bridal

Flowers: Sunnydale Florist

Tuxes: My Tuxes at Gino’s Galleria

jessica-and-michael-highlights-2jessica-and-michael-highlights-3jessica-and-michael-highlights-4jessica-and-michael-highlights-5jessica-and-michael-highlights-6jessica-and-michael-highlights-7jessica-and-michael-highlights-8jessica-and-michael-highlights-9jessica-and-michael-highlights-10jessica-and-michael-highlights-11jessica-and-michael-highlights-12jessica-and-michael-highlights-13jessica-and-michael-highlights-14jessica-and-michael-highlights-15jessica-and-michael-highlights-16jessica-and-michael-highlights-17jessica-and-michael-highlights-18jessica-and-michael-highlights-19jessica-and-michael-highlights-20jessica-and-michael-highlights-21jessica-and-michael-highlights-22jessica-and-michael-highlights-23Bride tribe🙂

Spilling the beans on how they “met the bride”. loved this!jessica-and-michael-highlights-32jessica-and-michael-highlights-33jessica-and-michael-highlights-34jessica-and-michael-highlights-35jessica-and-michael-highlights-36jessica-and-michael-highlights-37jessica-and-michael-highlights-38jessica-and-michael-highlights-39jessica-and-michael-highlights-40jessica-and-michael-highlights-41jessica-and-michael-highlights-42jessica-and-michael-highlights-43

how they actually know the bride …jessica-and-michael-highlights-53jessica-and-michael-highlights-54jessica-and-michael-highlights-55jessica-and-michael-highlights-56jessica-and-michael-highlights-57jessica-and-michael-highlights-58jessica-and-michael-highlights-59jessica-and-michael-highlights-60jessica-and-michael-highlights-61jessica-and-michael-highlights-62jessica-and-michael-highlights-63jessica-and-michael-highlights-64jessica-and-michael-highlights-65jessica-and-michael-highlights-66jessica-and-michael-highlights-67jessica-and-michael-highlights-68jessica-and-michael-highlights-69jessica-and-michael-highlights-70jessica-and-michael-highlights-71jessica-and-michael-highlights-72

The bride’s mother couldn’t be with her this special day, but her memory was alive and well for her amazing daughter!jessica-and-michael-highlights-73jessica-and-michael-highlights-74jessica-and-michael-highlights-75jessica-and-michael-highlights-76jessica-and-michael-highlights-77jessica-and-michael-highlights-78jessica-and-michael-highlights-79jessica-and-michael-highlights-80jessica-and-michael-highlights-81jessica-and-michael-highlights-82jessica-and-michael-highlights-83jessica-and-michael-highlights-84jessica-and-michael-highlights-85jessica-and-michael-highlights-86jessica-and-michael-highlights-87jessica-and-michael-highlights-88jessica-and-michael-highlights-89jessica-and-michael-highlights-90jessica-and-michael-highlights-91jessica-and-michael-highlights-92jessica-and-michael-highlights-93jessica-and-michael-highlights-94jessica-and-michael-highlights-95jessica-and-michael-highlights-96jessica-and-michael-highlights-97jessica-and-michael-highlights-99jessica-and-michael-highlights-100jessica-and-michael-highlights-101jessica-and-michael-highlightsjessica-and-michael-highlights-98

Sneak Peek: Jessica and Michael (An Inn at West Settlement Wedding}

“I will live for your kisses and smile at your imperfections. I will cast my cares aside and love you with wreckless abandon. I will leave you breathless and I will breathe life into each of our days. I will make you whole and leave you in pieces. I will make sure that I guard your heart with my life. I am yours.”

Choosing a sneak peek was ridiculously hard, but here’s two lovely images from Jessica and Michael’s wedding at The Inn at West Settlement.

You don’t need any more words.



Introducing Jessica and Adam {An Altamont Manor Wedding}

Dear Jessica and Adam
We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your special day. The Altamont Manor was a perfect location for your upstate NY Wedding. Not even the rain could dampen the beauty that was your wedding day!
We loved the gardens and the colors you chose for your bridesmaids. We loved how fun your groomsmen were to work with and how sweet your girls were. Your family is precious and we loved watching the grandmas during your ceremony. They love you so much!
THank you again for allowing us to be your wedding photographers. Please enjoy your highlights, your full gallery is coming soon!
Amber and Shelly

Introducing: Erica and Matthieu {An Inn at West Settlement Wedding!}

Sparks flew at this wedding! The evening festivities kicked off with a romantic croquembouche, alight with sparklers! A sweet kiss in front of the country barn at the rustic chic Inn at West Settlement had the guests from around the world ready to dance the night away.

Matthieu’s French heritage, mixed with the culture of cherished guests and Erica’s love of theater made this special day one of grace, laughter and shared love. Erica was so excited to finally be able to call Matthieu her beloved husband as their siblings and loved ones shared videos, tales and toasts from their childhoods and adventures that led up to this very moment. Please enjoy this visual feast of highlights from the beginning of their new lives together!!!


One year later… A Thacher Park Celebration

I had the wonderful privilege of photographing Paul and Janelle’s wedding last year, so it was crazy fun to meet up with them again and photograph their one year anniversary which is coming soon!

I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite shots from their session in Thacher Park during the summer evening.  It truly doesn’t get much better than this.

Congratulations my awesome friends!


Sneak Peek: Jessica and Adam {An Altamont Manor Wedding}

“some fly to Neverland, but I can take you there if you just grab my hand, together we can get lost and find ourselves over and again. As long as I have you in my Neverland.”

Jessica and Adam were married last weekend at Altamont Manor and we danced with the rain and with their smiles to offer up just a quick peek into their lovely day!
web jessica and adam-2

I think he likes her🙂

web jessica and adam

Sneak Peek: Janelle and Paul : A Thacher Park Celebration

It’s been one year since they said I do!  So guess what we did?  We met back up in Thacher Park on a beautiful afternoon to celebrate that one year has passed and it’s been awesome for these two!

I loved being their photographer, but even better they have become friends.  I can’t wait to show this off!!!

Congrats!!janelle and Paul sneak peek

Introducing Tracy and Mike! {A Maple Shade Farms Wedding!}

Dear Tracy and Mike,

Your summer wedding drenched in sunshine was a dream for any bride and groom, but it was your reality.

The sunshine, the personality of your bridal party, the hay wagon ride and all the details you invested into your celebration of love was a heartfelt delight.

We loved your first look and just the way Mike’s face changed when he saw you for the first time.

So, thank you for allowing us to photograph your beautiful wedding in upstate NY.


Amber and Kristen

Special thank you to Kristen who has been shooting weddings with us this summer!

tracy and mike ewedding blog-1

tracy and mike ewedding blog-36tracy and mike ewedding blog-37tracy and mike ewedding blog-38tracy and mike ewedding blog-39tracy and mike ewedding blog-47tracy and mike ewedding blog-48tracy and mike ewedding blog-49tracy and mike ewedding blog-50tracy and mike ewedding blog-2tracy and mike ewedding blog-3tracy and mike ewedding blog-4tracy and mike ewedding blog-5tracy and mike ewedding blog-6tracy and mike ewedding blog-7tracy and mike ewedding blog-8tracy and mike ewedding blog-9tracy and mike ewedding blog-10tracy and mike ewedding blog-11tracy and mike ewedding blog-13tracy and mike ewedding blog-14tracy and mike ewedding blog-15tracy and mike ewedding blog-16tracy and mike ewedding blog-17tracy and mike ewedding blog-18tracy and mike ewedding blog-19tracy and mike ewedding blog-20

tracy and mike ewedding blog-53tracy and mike ewedding blog-54tracy and mike ewedding blog-55tracy and mike ewedding blog-56tracy and mike ewedding blog-57tracy and mike ewedding blog-58tracy and mike ewedding blog-60tracy and mike ewedding blog-61tracy and mike ewedding blog-62tracy and mike ewedding blog-63tracy and mike ewedding blog-64tracy and mike ewedding blog-65tracy and mike ewedding blog-66tracy and mike ewedding blog-21tracy and mike ewedding blog-22tracy and mike ewedding blog-23tracy and mike ewedding blog-24tracy and mike ewedding blog-25tracy and mike ewedding blog-26tracy and mike ewedding blog-27tracy and mike ewedding blog-28tracy and mike ewedding blog-29

tracy and mike ewedding blog-73tracy and mike ewedding blog-74tracy and mike ewedding blog-71tracy and mike ewedding blog-72tracy and mike ewedding blog-76tracy and mike ewedding blog-75tracy and mike ewedding blog-77tracy and mike ewedding blog-78tracy and mike ewedding blog-30tracy and mike ewedding blog-31tracy and mike ewedding blog-33tracy and mike ewedding blog-34tracy and mike ewedding blog-35tracy and mike ewedding blog-41tracy and mike ewedding blog-42tracy and mike ewedding blog-43tracy and mike ewedding blog-44tracy and mike ewedding blog-45tracy and mike ewedding blog-46tracy and mike ewedding blog-67tracy and mike ewedding blog-68tracy and mike ewedding blog-69tracy and mike ewedding blog-80tracy and mike ewedding blog-81tracy and mike ewedding blog-82tracy and mike ewedding blog-79tracy and mike ewedding blog-83tracy and mike ewedding blog-84tracy and mike ewedding blog-85tracy and mike ewedding blog-86tracy and mike ewedding blog-87tracy and mike ewedding blog-88

Introducing Holly and Nick {A Cooperstown Engagement Session!}

A cute, fun, adorable couple who made me super excited for the wedding day just by spending time with them .

After Nick and Holly met at college, it became apparent that they were a little more than friends.  It wasn’t hard to see they completely get each other.  They will be getting married next September in Cooperstown, and since Nick has a passion for baseball, it seemed fitting to meet at Doubleday Field for their shoot.

Enjoy this!!!


holly and nick e-session blog-1holly and nick e-session blog-2holly and nick e-session blog-10holly and nick e-session blog-11holly and nick e-session blog-15holly and nick e-session blog-16holly and nick e-session blog-17holly and nick e-session blog-20holly and nick e-session blog-21holly and nick e-session blog-29holly and nick e-session blog-30holly and nick e-session-32holly and nick e-session-33holly and nick e-session-34holly and nick e-session-35

Sneak Peek: Michelle and Alex! {A Franklin, NY Wedding }

Michelle and Alex are two artists who just moved back to this gorgeous region to start their married lives together. They did not let the rain foil there plans for the perfect day and all of their friends and family gathered around them. We cant wait to share the rest of this art inspired rustic country wedding!

“Just the thought of you can carry me through, your touch a dream come true and your love, all I have ever needed”


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