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We are moving…

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our blog!  We are excited to announce we are moving (digitally).  Our new site will be located at

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For now, we are keeping this up so you can look through our wedding archives and see all that we have done the past couple years.  Feel free to contact us directly at


Details. Details. Details! To inspire you!

As you look for wedding inspiration ideas and your hours deep in your pinterest scrolling, we thought we would highlight some awesome AJP Weddings to showcase amazing venues and awesome ideas our #AJBRIDES have!

This wedding with Jessica and Michael at the Inn at West Settlement was an great mixture of humor, creativity, sentiment, memories and a bright future with a dose of cute country boots.

Check out our highlights!

Rustic Rock and Roll ; {The wedding is in the details}

So, it’s been a little dreary here in New York and wedding season is charing along ahead of us and I look forward to all we have ahead in 2017!!  It’s still cool to go back through and find inspiration in some awesome weddings we have already been a part of.

I thought I would share wedding detail inspiration with you over the next couple of weeks. Here is a favorite for sure with Sasha and Randal’s rustic rock n’ roll themed wedding with a hint of Game of Thrones thrown in.

The wedding was hosted by the beautiful Maple Shade Farms in Delhi, NY .  The flowers and details were orchestrated by Abby Wilson who runs the farm with her husband for happy couples looking for their upstate New York destination wedding.

Enjoy the lovely!

Introducing Stephanie and Thomas! {A Franklin Plaza Wedding}

“Where do I begin? Where do you start? The answer is not clear and that is exactly how I’ve always dreamed it should be.  Ourselves are so entrenched in each other, we no longer breathe alone”

Dear Stephanie and Thomas,

We have never loved the month of January.  It has always seemed dreary with no holidays to celebrate and summer still so far away.  However, your wedding lit up 2017 like fireworks.

The precious moments between you and your parents, the awesome bridal party and ceremony that made God smile down on you.

You are a blessing to this world and I am so grateful to have photographed this moment in your lives.

May you enjoy the highlights of your wedding, your full gallery is nearly complete 🙂


Amber and Shelly

Venue and catering services: Franklin Plaza Ballroom, Troy NY

Flowers: Frank Gallo and Sons Florist, Schenectady NY


Thomas made his bride a book journeying their time together so far…



The excitement the morning of her weddings was so beautiful! Just like her 🙂thomas-and-stephanie-blog-35


SO much love and tendernessthomas-and-stephanie-blog-38thomas-and-stephanie-blog-39thomas-and-stephanie-blog-40thomas-and-stephanie-blog-41


When Stephanie’s father sees his little girl all dressed for her wedding day.thomas-and-stephanie-blog-43thomas-and-stephanie-blog-44thomas-and-stephanie-blog-45


Seeing his bride walking toward him.amber-j-photography-11amber-j-photography-13amber-j-photography-14


Despite being January, this bridal party was all sizzle and laughter!!amber-j-photography-18amber-j-photography-19thomas-and-stephanie-blog-49thomas-and-stephanie-blog-47thomas-and-stephanie-blog-46thomas-and-stephanie-blog-51thomas-and-stephanie-blog-52amber-j-photography-17amber-j-photography-20amber-j-photography-21amber-j-photography-22thomas-and-stephanie-blog-53thomas-and-stephanie-blog-54thomas-and-stephanie-blog-55thomas-and-stephanie-blog-56thomas-and-stephanie-blog-57stephanie-and-thomas-blog-62thomas-and-stephanie-blog-67thomas-and-stephanie-blog-59thomas-and-stephanie-blog-60thomas-and-stephanie-blog-61thomas-and-stephanie-blog-62-2



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Sneak Peek: Stephanie and Thomas {A Franklin Plaza Wedding}

“Then there was that moment that I knew I never wanted to have another moment without you in it”
Sneak Peek of Stephanie and Thomas! This wedding made January beautiful. I am so excited to showcase this soon! For now, indulge in all this sweetness!!


Introducing Keziah and Christian: {An Albany engagement session}

May I brighten up your January with this fun loving and full spirited couple!  We traversed downtown Albany and found all the sweet spots to laugh and enjoy this awesome couple.  Keziah and Christian will be saying ” I do” this year and it was such an enjoyable time to watch two people who truly love each other!

Capturing moments like this makes a heart a happy.   Enjoy their high-lights!!




Sneak Peek: Keziah and Christian! {Engagement Session} Albany, NY

January 2017 has started out in lovely style! I love winter engagement shoots. It gives a very cool feel and look to images, but then again Christian and Keziah are pretty cool themselves.

I am not sure I have so much with people that I have just met, but this photo shoot was nothing short of a blast to do with this amazing couple.  What a wedding this will be!!!



Our Main Street will miss these beautiful souls:

In fond memory of Mike and Loretta.

This fall and winter we had the privilege of working with Marjie, a communications intern from SUNY Cobleskill.  During the summer months we thought it would be fun to go to a few Main Street businesses and ask them why they chose Middleburgh to invest their life and work. We compiled a few of their answers into a little video vlog.

It started out as a project without knowing that two very lovely people would pass away before the video went live at the end of the year.

Today we watch this video with heavy hearts knowing that our Main Street will never be the same.  Today we realize that life is never a promise, that tomorrow is never certain and that it’s never too redundant to say ‘I love you’ over and over and over again.

Be sad they are gone, be happy we knew them, be grateful for their legacy, be inspired by who they are.  We will miss them both so dearly. To family and dear friends, may their voices never fade and their lives forever be in your hearts.  We are truly sorry for your loss.

Thank you to Marjie for completing this video.  Thank you to Middleburgh for being the very town to which many call home and treasured souls like this exist.

**please note this video was cut and processed before the sad passing of our Mrs. K. (Loretta Kennedy)

With love:


Amber and Shelly

Amber J Photography

Diana and Jay! {A Family and Engagement Session at Maple Shade Farms}

This is how we do upstate NY!  We met Diana and Jay at Maple Shade Farms in Delhi to spend some time photographing and celebrating their engagement with their two beautiful young girls!

Despite temps barely creaking past 20 degrees, this family was so much fun hang out with (even if we could see our breath).

Enjoy some high lights of Maple Shade Farm in the snow!  Next time you see Diana and Jay it will be in July 🙂  We are hoping there is no snow for their wedding day.


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