Sneak Peek: Sydney and Nate {A rustic chic wedding!}

This wedding was country done right! Sydney and Nate said “I do” this past Saturday on their grandparents farm tucked away in the mountains just outside Middleburgh.

This country couple made the mountains look amazing and I am so excited to show case their wedding.

Until that time…enjoy this little sneak peek of awesome

“I never used to understand why people bothered to hold hands as they walked, but then he runs one of his fingertips down my palm, and I shiver and understand it completely”
Veronica Roth

sydney and nate blog

Introducing Marina and Fred! {An Inn at West Settlement Wedding}

Dear Marina and Fred,

Remember that time we met and you were nervous to step in front of the camera?  You swore to me you would be too self aware on your wedding day and I just smiled.  Why? because on your wedding day, you were ravishing and lovely and all together too in love to notice anything else but each other.

The rain came and went and changed some plans, but it didn’t change the fact that you two promised to love each other for forever.

The Inn at West Settlement barn provided the perfect backdrop for your vows and we dodged a few rain drops to make things happen.

The adventure is just beginning and we couldn’t be more excited then to shared a part of it with you! Enjoy your highlights!


Amber and Shelly

Marina and Fred for the blog-1Marina and Fred for the blog-2Marina and Fred for the blog-3Marina and Fred for the blog-4Marina and Fred for the blog-5Marina and Fred for the blog-6Marina and Fred for the blog-7Marina and Fred for the blog-8Marina and Fred for the blog-9Marina and Fred for the blog-10Marina and Fred for the blog-11Marina and Fred for the blog-13Marina and Fred for the blog-14Marina and Fred for the blog-15Marina and Fred for the blog-16Marina and Fred for the blog-17Marina and Fred for the blog-18Marina and Fred for the blog-19Marina and Fred for the blog-20Marina and Fred for the blog-21Marina and Fred for the blog-22Marina and Fred for the blog-23Marina and Fred for the blog-24Marina and Fred for the blog-25Marina and Fred for the blog-26Marina and Fred for the blog-27Marina and Fred for the blog-29Marina and Fred for the blog-30Marina and Fred for the blog-31Marina and Fred for the blog-32Marina and Fred for the blog-33Marina and Fred for the blog-34Marina and Fred for the blog-35Marina and Fred for the blog-36Marina and Fred for the blog-38Marina and Fred for the blog-40Marina and Fred for the blog-41Marina and Fred for the blog-42Marina and Fred for the blog-43Marina and Fred for the blog-44Marina and Fred for the blog-46Marina and Fred for the blog-47Marina and Fred for the blog-48Marina and Fred for the blog-49Marina and Fred for the blog-50Marina and Fred for the blog-52Marina and Fred for the blog-53Marina and Fred for the blog-54Marina and Fred for the blog-56Marina and Fred for the blog-55Marina and Fred for the blog-57Marina and Fred for the blog-58Marina and Fred for the blog-59Marina and Fred for the blog-60Marina and Fred for the blog-61Marina and Fred for the blog-63Marina and Fred for the blog-64Marina and Fred for the blog-65Marina and Fred for the blog-66Marina and Fred for the blog-67Marina and Fred for the blog-70Marina and Fred for the blog-73marina and fred

Sneak Peek:Chris and Erin {A Cape Cod Wedding}

Chris and Erin laid eyes on each for the first time as bride and groom on the beaches of Cape Cod.  A little bit of ocean, a little but of sunshine, some sand between their toes and this wedding was a visual masterpiece and heart felt dose of new adventure and love.

We can’t wait to show this destination wedding off!

Location: at Grey’s Beach in Yarmouth.

Photographer: Shelly Wood


Introducing: Laurel and Justin!!

Photographer: Shelly

Wildflowers, cute couples and sunset kisses. It doesn’t get much better than this!  These two cuties spent time with our cameras and I am so so so excited they did. They will be saying “I do” soon and that just gives me a reason to look forward to the next couple of months.

Please enjoy the highlights of Justin and Laurel’s engagement session and gear up for their wedding day post coming your way soon!!!

Amber and Shelly

 “I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.”

––The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


Sneak Peek: Laurel and Justin! {E-session}

What do you get when a hay baling firefighter catches the eye of fast riding equestrian!? All sorts of sparks! Laurel and Justin will be tying the knot at the Normanside Country Club this coming October and we cant wait! We had an awesome time with them during our get to know you photo session and now we know just how fun their celebrations are going to be!😉


Sneak Peek: Marina and Fred {An Inn At West Settlement Wedding}

No storms, or rain, or cloudy weather was going to put a damper on Marina and Fred’s incredible wedding day.  Sometimes it’s the storms that release the greatest beauty and I have all the proof I need with this upstate New York wedding.

Here’s a sneak peek from one of the sweetest days on the farm.

Congratulations Marina and Fred!!!

webmarina and fred

Introducing Bill and Becky {A Saratoga National Golf Club Wedding}

Dear Bill and Becky,

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your extraordinary wedding day.  The story of your day from start to finish was a wedding day fairytale.

The easy smiles from your friends in the bridal suite and the nervous paces of the groomsmen made the small moments special. You guys made the Yaddo Gardens look good and your first look might have been the best part of the day❤.

The warm day was picture perfect and your bridal party was AMAZING!!

We enjoyed your laughter and your genuine personalities that have brought two families together.  The homemade chocolate favors helped too!

Thank you again for letting us tell your wedding day story.

xoxo Amber and Shelly

Brides Dress: Designer Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids- David’s Bridal

Tuxes: Macy’s Tux Rental

Cake: Saratoga National {Cocodots}

Hair and Make up: Blush 518

Flowers- Price Chopper, Saratoga Springs

Officiant: Remy La Fargue

DJ: Fernando, The Piano Man

Photography : Amber J Photography

ENJOY the highlights!

Bill and Becky's Blog-1Bill and Becky's Blog-2Bill and Becky's Blog-3Bill and Becky's Blog-4Bill and Becky's Blog-5Bill and Becky's Blog-6Bill and Becky's Blog-7Bill and Becky's Blog-8Bill and Becky's Blog-9Bill and Becky's Blog-10Bill and Becky's Blog-11Bill and Becky's Blog-12Bill and Becky's Blog-13Bill and Becky's Blog-14Bill and Becky's Blog-15Bill and Becky's Blog-17Bill and Becky's Blog-18Bill and Becky's Blog-20Bill and Becky's Blog-21Bill and Becky's Blog-22Bill and Becky's Blog-23Bill and Becky's Blog-24Bill and Becky's Blog-25Bill and Becky's Blog-27Bill and Becky's Blog-28Bill and Becky's Blog-29Bill and Becky's Blog-31Bill and Becky's Blog-32Bill and Becky's Blog-33Bill and Becky's Blog-35Bill and Becky's Blog-36Bill and Becky's Blog-37Bill and Becky's Blog-38Bill and Becky's Blog-39Bill and Becky's Blog-40Bill and Becky's Blog-41Bill and Becky's Blog-42Bill and Becky's Blog-43Bill and Becky's Blog-46Bill and Becky's Blog-47Bill and Becky's Blog-49Bill and Becky's Blog-50Bill and Becky's Blog-51Bill and Becky's Blog-52Bill and Becky's Blog-53Bill and Becky's Blog-54Bill and Becky's Blog-55Bill and Becky's Blog-56Bill and Becky's Blog-57Bill and Becky's Blog-59Bill and Becky's Blog-60Bill and Becky's Blog-61Bill and Becky's Blog-63Bill and Becky's Blog-64Bill and Becky's Blog-66Bill and Becky's Blog-67Bill and Becky's Blog-68Bill and Becky's Blog-70Bill and Becky's Blog-71Bill and Becky's Blog-72Bill and Becky's Blog-73Bill and Becky's Blog-74Bill and Becky's Blog-75Bill and Becky's Blog-76Bill and Becky's Blog-77Bill and Becky's Blog-78Bill and Becky's Blog-79Bill and Becky's Blog-80Bill and Becky's Blog-81Bill and Becky's Blog-82Bill and Becky's Blog-83Bill and Becky's Blog-84Bill and Becky's Blog-85Bill and Becky's Blog-86Bill and Becky's Blog-88Bill and Becky's Blog-90Bill and Becky's Blog-91Bill and Becky's Blog-92Bill and Becky's Blog-93Bill and Becky's Blog-94Bill and Becky's Blog-95Bill and Becky's Blog-97Bill and Becky's Blog-100Bill and Becky's Blog-101Bill and Becky's Blog-104Bill and Becky's Blog-105Bill and Becky's Blog-114Bill and Becky's Blog-113Bill and Becky's Blog-112Bill and Becky's Blog-109Bill and Becky's Blog-108Bill and Becky's Blog-107

E-Session Marina and Fred {The Inn at West Settlement}

I am so excited for this weekend. WHY!?!?  Because I get to hang with this amazing couple as they say I do at the Inn at West Settlement in Roxbury, NY.

Everything about them is laid back and fun and adorable.  The Inn always provides the most beautiful places to tuck a couple away.

Congrats you two!!!


marina and fred blog-15marina and fred blog-14marina and fred blog-13marina and fred blog-12marina and fred blog-11marina and fred blog-10marina and fred blog-9marina and fred blog-8marina and fred blog-7marina and fred blog-6marina and fred blog-5marina and fred blog-4marina and fred blog-3marina and fred blog-2marina and fred blog-1

Introducing Sasha and Randall! {A Maple Shade Farms Wedding}

Dear Sasha and Randall,

Your wedding day was as precious as you are.  We loved starting the day off with you at Mountain Brook Inn (can we go back please?).  The muffins that morning started the day off right!

From there the beautiful drive to Maple Shade Farm was almost as beautiful as the wedding itself (#willsavedtheday)  .

The sun and the gentle breeze that seems to find it’s way to the Catskill Mountains often,  introduced themselves once again for your perfect day. It set the tone for your first look which was about as sweet as it gets.  The way you two looked at each other could melt any heart.

Maple Shade Farms embraced your day and your details rocked!  The flowers and the floral crown Abby made for you, were to die for!  What an amazing day.  Thank you for letting us into your lives and allowing us to capture these moments for you.

Your full gallery is coming soon.

xoxo Amber and Shelly.


Mountain Brook Inn is to die for.  I loved this little gem in the Catskills. DSC_1372DSC_1613

“It’s a nice day for a red wedding” These girls rocked it. DSC_1620DSC_1669DSC_1675DSC_1678DSC_1687

Sasha, how absolutely stunning. DSC_1376DSC_1423

The guys just hanging around waiting for the girls to get ready. DSC_1425-EditDSC_1460DSC_1462DSC_1463Sasha and Randall love music.  So Abby from Maple Shade Farms created these details pieces throughout the venue. DSC_1472DSC_1473Have I ever mentioned how much we love first looks:)DSC_1493DSC_1500DSC_1512DSC_1515DSC_1564DSC_1575DSC_1565DSC_1583

Sometimes it’s just a good time to hoola hoop. DSC_1593DSC_1607DSC_1887DSC_1926DSC_1932DSC_2105DSC_2112DSC_2126DSC_2161DSC_2166DSC_2126DSC_1844DSC_2014DSC_1976DSC_2032

DSC_2225DSC_2230DSC_2233DSC_2425DSC_2430DSC_1950Congratulations Sasha and Randall!!!

Sneak Peek: Bill and Becky {A Saratoga National Wedding}

There’s so much to say about how awesome this day was, but I’ll let it be done visually with this amazing image.   Billy and Becky  were married this past weekend at The Saratoga National Golf Club and I’m so excited to showcase them soon!  For now enjoy this image from their perfect day!

We have another sneak peek on our instagram: @amberjphoto

“It just takes the touch of your hand and I know I can conquer the world” – unknown.



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