Weddings! Amy and Kevin, Oneonta NY

You know that moment where you just smile to yourself because you KNOW two people are totally meant for each other? Kevin and Amy knew they were meant for each other and on August 10, 2012 they let everyone else know it too!

Both are outgoing, vivacious and loving and it should be no surprise seeing how tremendously affectionate their friends and family were.  Amy, a former Oneonta State Lady Red Dragon of the Women’s soccer team met her match in the fitness center when she saw Kevin. Competitve? yes. Into sports? yes. Outgoing and interesting..yes, yes. The two didn’t have a chance to say no to one another.

It was time to unite their passion for life and each other…enjoy!

Brides’ Dress: Rainbow’s End Weddings and more

Reception: Oneonta State

Second Shooter: Kristin LiCalzi of Kalz Photography

One thought on “Weddings! Amy and Kevin, Oneonta NY

  1. Amber- what a beautiful job! You captured the day perfectly! A beautiful bride, a handsome groom and love all around!

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