A Fairytale: Weddings! Alyssa and Reuben -West Point, NY

Once upon a time a beautiful girl named Alyssa met her handsome prince, Reuben.  A whirlwind of life overtook them and yet they held hands through it all. A mutual respect for life and love they found they completed each other. He was her strength when she felt weak and he was her laughter when she felt the need to cry.  She was his strong voice when he had none and she was his anchor amiss the storm. Together, true love was attainable, life was liveable and truth was something they had found.

Gracious host: Thayer Hotel

Brides’ Dress: The Bridal Cottage, Kingston

Cake :Homestyle Desserts Bakery,  Peekskill, NY

Flowers: Kaylyn’s Flourist, Windham

DJ: Patrick del Rosario

Shooting with Crystal George of Crystal George Studios, Lynchburgh, VA

Rough draft of the vows. LOVE IT!

MORE TO COME from Alyssa and Reuben’s  Day After shoot. It looks a lil something like this 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Fairytale: Weddings! Alyssa and Reuben -West Point, NY

  1. I am speechless- and it doesn’t happen often- totally beautiful ❤ I knew that you were wonderful, but this is more wonderful then words can express. THANK YOU LADIES! I can NOT wait to come and see the rest. 🙂

  2. OK, so I’m crying tears of great joy. These pictures are so expressive, romantic, beautiful and a testament to your love for each other. I can’t say one stands out more than the other. Where you hug your mother, stand with your father, kiss Reuben, lean on Reuben as he hugs his sister, they all made me cry, they’re precious!! I wish you great health, joy and fulfillment. Love you so much!

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