Weddings! The astonishing Heather and Eric – Roxbury, NY

It takes a moment to start a lifetime

It takes one breath to keep on breathing

It takes one look to find you

and want to fall forever

It takes your voice to hear my eternity

It takes one word to be yours

It takes one hand in mine

and one step at a time I’ll walk with you…

Heather and Eric laugh together, they play together, the hold each other close when everyone is looking and no one is looking.  He can’t hide his adoration for her and she gently shakes her head at his candor and love of life. Together, they complete the other in ways that words will never define. Enjoy the story of their wedding ….

Gracious Host: The Inn at West Settlement, Roxbury NY

Catering: Mary’s Cooking, Roxbury, NY

Second Photographer: Kristin LiCalzi of Kalz Photography

Flowers: Wildflowers Florist, Margaretville, NY

Make up: Saving Face, Jo Boring

Hair: Candace Rudd

DJ: Patrick del Rosario


First look. Unbelievable sweetness.

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