Weddings: Introducing the fabulous Calli and Michael, South Kortright, NY

You know when your face starts hurting because you have been smiling too much? I think that is how I felt about Calli and Michael’s wedding Saturday at the Plum Tree in South Kortright, NY.

There were so many personal moments throughout the day, that I truly felt apart of their lives by the end of the night.  You will notice a blue heart on the hem of Calli’s dress.  The blue heart is from a t-shirt worn by her late uncle on her mother’s side.  Just looking at the simple piece of fabric brought tears to her mother’s eyes.

My favorite part of the day? Easy. Michael surprised his bride when she walked down the aisle. As she made her entrance he turned to face her with his guitar in hand and played her a song as she walked toward him.  Yes. Yes, he did.

So many lovely moments, oh…and did I mention it didn’t rain!!!













amber j photography

sassy, but beautiful

amber j photography

never let groomsmen try to pose themselves. ever. 🙂


amber j photography

hello handsome!

amber j photography






amber j photography


amber j photography

a moment with her daughter

amber j photography

this comes after the best man rapped his speech to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was hysterical!!

DSC_4548amber j photography

amber j photography

introducing happy ever after








4 thoughts on “Weddings: Introducing the fabulous Calli and Michael, South Kortright, NY

  1. WOW!!! I had a feeling the pictures would be beautiful given the people, scenery and venue, but WOW! They are beyond stunning! Something the newlyweds will be happy with for a long time! Fabulous job!!
    PS…I’m planning to get married around the same time in 2015!!!!

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