E-Session: Elizabeth and Derek, Harriman, NY

Let me introduce this crazy, lovely couple. Derek and Elizabeth will be getting married this summer and I had so much “working” with them…it wasn’t really like work when it’s so much fun.  Derek proposed to his bride-to-be at  The Storm King about an hour north of Manhattan.  Their story is fitting as the artist and the food connaisseur found a way back to each other after initially meeting each other years ago.  The young friends eventually found out they were more than that.  For the couple who loves camping and the quiet peace upstate NY has to offer, it was true to life

that we found time to photograph them in one of the most picturesque places in NY, the Harriman State Park.  I hope you enjoy “meeting” them.
amber j photographywebDSC_5109

amber j photography

Liz and Derek told me initially they were nervous about me making them do any “weird” poses. So, in all serious the first thing I had them do was make a heart. haha…because THAT has never been done before. We laughed…and then I promised I wouldn’t do it again.

amber j photography

How do you NOT love them!??

amber j photographywebDSC_4922amber j photographywebDSC_4957amber j photography

handsome :)

handsome 🙂




amber j photography

happily ever after


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