The Seriously Amazing Kelly and Dimitri: A Roxbury, NY Wedding

Kelly and Dimitri met under a bright blue sky on August 24 at the Inn at West Settlement to promise their forever love.  The Inn at West Settlement in Roxbury, NY hosted the approximately 80 guests all witnesses  this stunning Manhattan couple who said I Do.

Their daughter Stella adorned her white dress and flowers and threatened to steal the entire show along with the other adorable flower girls.

Sweet Nothings catered to everyone’s taste buds that evening as friends and family danced the night away.

Hair and make up: Kyle Ann Garcia out of Schenectady.

DSC_4445DSC_4582DSC_4456DSC_4466PicMonkey CollageDSC_4506DSC_4549DSC_4655DSC_4663DSC_4612DSC_4683DSC_4669DSC_4722DSC_4442DSC_4542

DSC_4890DSC_4518DSC_4745DSC_4757DSC_4767DSC_4790DSC_4812DSC_4675DSC_4740DSC_4656DSC_4839DSC_4844DSC_5013DSC_5008DSC_5024DSC_5037DSC_5031DSC_5067DSC_50532PicMonkey CollageDSC_4218DSC_5079DSC_4222DSC_5120DSC_5088DSC_5389DSC_5239DSC_5351DSC_5170DSC_5440

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