Weddings! Introducing Andy and Amber; Amsterdam, NY

A chilly start to the morning did not fend off the warmth of the day as Andy and Amber celebrated their wedding vows on a beautiful September afternoon.

The floral arrangements, the dresses, the laughter and the tears all accentuated a beautiful day filled with life long promises.  Enjoy the highlights from Andy and Amber’s stunning day!

Disclaimer: no one was hurt in any of the bridal party shots… 😉

Brides dress: The New Paris Shop

Flowers: The Mother of the Bride!


DSC_5938DSC_5944DSC_5964DSC_5977DSC_5954DSC_5968DSC_5996DSC_6010DSC_6020DSC_6150DSC_5287DSC_5553PicMonkey CollageDSC_6185DSC_6246


DSC_5263DSC_5270DSC_5325DSC_6383DSC_6038DSC_6044DSC_6444DSC_6433DSC_6447DSC_6428DSC_6438DSC_6474DSC_6487DSC_5565PicMonkey Collage2PicMonkey Collage3

DSC_6379 and they lived happily ever after….and then some.

Because we couldn’t resist… a few extra outtakes:

DSC_6401They juggle


and they photo bomb..

DSC_6354the end.

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