Weddings: May I Introduce Kelsey and Brian! {Upstate NY Wedding Photographer}

Kelsey and Brian tied the knot Saturday at Hiland Country Club in Queensbury, NY where the sunshine was amazing and the weather temperate and calm as if to welcome them graciously into this new journey together as husband and wife.

There is a lot to be said when everyone is just crazy excited for two people to get married.  I first met Kelsey when she tagged along with her sister Marissa who met with me about her wedding plans over two years ago! Marissa was married last year in the fall and Kelsey said I do this past Saturday.  It was such a pleasure to be a part of both wedding days as their wedding photographer and now their friend. I truly enjoyed seeing everyone again, may these images tell their beautiful love story.

I may have to give a special shout out to DG Inviteby Darci (the bride’s sister) who worked tirelessly on all the details of of the wedding from engraved matches on sparklers to menus, hair pieces, invitations, wine labels and on and on it goes. The talent is real and you may want to check out her site if you have a special event coming up!

Hair and Make Up : Gia from Bella Mia Salon, Albany NY and Bailee Besso

Associate Photographer: Erin Bremer with Erin Bremer Photography

If love is the wind, I want to be your storm



webDSC_3407 webDSC_3409 webDSC_3415 webDSC_3423 webDSC_3429 webDSC_3465PicMonkey Collage.jpg2

LOVED these shoes!!!

LOVED these shoes!!!

amber j photography

Then this text happened 😉

webDSC_6269 webDSC_3520 webDSC_3530 webDSC_3578 webDSC_3597

sitting around looking stunning!

sitting around looking stunning!

webDSC_3632 webDSC_3700 webDSC_3714


amber j photography

The moment they see other for their first look. ahhh!

webDSC_3756 webDSC_3798 webDSC_3916webDSC_4155webDSC_4105 webDSC_4151webDSC_4178webDSC_4256 webDSC_4307 webDSC_4383 webDSC_4399

Baby girl dances with her daddy but catches her older sisters with her teary eyed mama

Baby girl dances with her daddy but catches her older sisters with her teary eyed mama


We have to go be groomsmen, but first….

webDSC_6816 webDSC_6697webDSC_6419PicMonkey Collage.jpgwebDSC_4016webDSC_3964webDSC_3961

amber j photography

and they lived happily ever after


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