Introducing Lisa and Jason, A Rustic Wedding at Maple Shade Farm! {Upstate NY Wedding Photographer}




I really can’t think of any other way to start this post than with “Once Upon A Time…”, because truly it was a fairy tale of a day.  I don’t mean to sound cliche, but seriously!!!  Lisa and Jason were married at Maple Shade Farm in Delhi, NY where friends and family gathered in this enchanting, rustic, chic venue to participate in the vows of two best friends.  Spending this day with Lisa and Jason was like spending a lifetime with them.  They smiled easy, they shared stories of one another, they touched each other in the smallest of ways,  it was an immediate immersion into their love story.

I am more than happy to share the highlights of their wedding day here.  I actually had an extremely hard time choosing images because of the intricate details of their venue and the nearly innumerable smiles and sweet pictures.  However, my heavy decision making came down to these.  Enjoy!!

Venue: Maple Shade Farm, Delhi NY

Bride’s Dress: New York Bride – Syracuse, NY – Justin Alexander
Style 9705 Gold/Gold

Men’s Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse – Calvin Klein
2 button gray super 110s

Hair and Make Up provided by  Bailee Besso (Chanel) and Gia Rizzo (Bella Mia Salon, Albany NY)

Jewelry: necklace & earrings made by firefly and were handmade in Guatemala and purchase at 15 steps in Ithaca

DJ – Tito

Flowers: Plenty of Posies (Newfield, NY)

Thanks always to my associate photographer, Shelly Wood!

amber j photography

the dress.

the dress.


Loved these girls

Loved these girls


webDSC_8922 webDSC_8920 webDSC_8917 webDSC_8915 webDSC_8912 webDSC_8911

webDSC_4451 webDSC_4449


Time to get married!!

Time to get married!!


Exhausted already!

Exhausted already!

webDSC_4462 webDSC_4456webDSC_8974


He sees her...

He sees her…


webDSC_9425 webDSC_9406

Who doesn't love sprinkles!!??

Who doesn’t love sprinkles!!??

webDSC_9395 webDSC_9390 webDSC_9388 webDSC_9383 webDSC_9368 webDSC_9366webDSC_9474 webDSC_9472 webDSC_9445webDSC_9542 webDSC_9555 webDSC_9582webDSC_9618webPicMonkey CollagewebDSC_9625 webDSC_9635 webDSC_9716 webDSC_9754webDSC_9840webDSC_9850webDSC_9592



One thought on “Introducing Lisa and Jason, A Rustic Wedding at Maple Shade Farm! {Upstate NY Wedding Photographer}

  1. Amber you continue to amaze! These pictures are gorgeous and the setting for the wedding and reception added to your talent…I especially loved the picture “looking through the window” Thanks for sharing. I love seeing all these wedding pictures.
    One year ago you were photographing our daughters wedding..Amazing pictures I will always treasure.

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