Introducing Leslie and Michael!! A Lake George, NY Wedding!! {Upstate NY Wedding Photographer}

There’s something very special about a bride getting ready for her wedding day in the home she grew up in.  It was a  beautiful opportunity to be immersed in the life Leslie had as child and get to know her though family pictures and art that hung on the wall of her mother’s home.  The Lake George wedding ceremony took place in the chapel where Michael’s parents were married as well.  It was day full of beautiful sentiment and I can only let the images speak for themselves!!

“Every love story is beautiful, but our is my favorite”

Associate Photographer: Shelly Wood

Flowers:  Kathy Binley :

Hair: Creative Styles

Bridesmaid dresses: J. Crew Clara Dress in Silk Chiffon.

Tuxes: Custom suits made at Amore Clothing

Reception: Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center


The dress!

The dress!

webDSC_1843 webDSC_1858webDSC_7566 webDSC_1860 webDSC_1865 webDSC_1870

This rocking chair was Leslie’s great, great grandmother’s.  It was a gift from the mother of the bride the morning of the wedding.webDSC_1890 webDSC_1893 webDSC_1900webDSC_7546webDSC_7599webDSC_2058webDSC_2112webDSC_2148



Generation of hands, three grandmas!!!

webDSC_2330 webDSC_2331

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