Introducing Toni and Seth!!!! {Upstate NY Wedding Photographer}

This early fall wedding had a summer feel to the entire day as Toni and Seth were married last Saturday.  The beauty of the day could not compare to the way these two glowed from start to finish.  The reception was held at Mira Vista in Altamont, NY where not only did it provide an astonishing view of NY it also was the childhood home of the groom.  Though storms threatened the entire day, they never came through as cloud and blue skies created quite a picturesque day.

Toni’s dress, a gown fit for a princess was actually her mother’s dress from 1975.  Though it was customized by a local seamstress the gown kept its history and authenticity.  The bride also designed her own bouquets and that of her bridesmaids as well.

The necklace she wore was her something blue from her grandmother.

The sweet sentiments punctuated the day, but the most sweetest of tributes were the horses.  The bride and groom rode in on horses owned by a close family friend.  Horses were something near and dear to the mom of the groom and this seemed to be the ultimate surprise last weekend.  It was my pleasure to be a part of it all!!

Cater/cake: Bridget and Belinda from Birch Hill Catering

DJ : Mike Purcell ,  A-1 Entertainment

Hair: Barbara (from Upper Cut)
1729 Central Ave Albany, NY

Make up: Glory Addie, Albany NY


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