Introducing Jessica and Jake! {Upstate NY Wedding Photographer}




Distance can make the young heart grow fonder.  Jessica and Jake’s wedding was not only a time to share their vows with friends and family, it was also a time for them be with each other before Jake had to be stationed in Hawaii.  It was a wedding day fairytale filled with bittersweetness as every moment was revered.   There was nothing to take for granted, especially time.  So this sun soaked summer day gave way to wedding vows and new adventures for this precious couple.  Enjoy their wedding highlights!

“Saying hello was fascinating, saying goodbye was heartbreaking, but all those moments in between were worth dying for…”

Photography by Associate Photographer: Shelly Wood

A_J_J-5 A_J_J-237 A_J_J-245 A_J_J-607_pp A_J_J-637 J_J-24 J_J-141 J_J-155 J_J-176 J_J-179 J_J-186 J_J-191 J_J-196 J_J-207 J_J-235 J_J-267 J_J-283 J_J-285 J_J-304 J_J-362 J_J-395 J_J-397 J_J-416 J_J-422 J_J-425 J_J-437 J_J-465 J_J-521 J_J-522 J_J-525 J_J-547 J_J-574 J_J-582 J_J-590 J_J-614 J_J-615 J_J-620 J_J-621 J_J-709 J_J-715 J_J-717 J_J-719 J_J-835 J_J-849


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