Introducing Poulomi and Jonathan!! {Albany, NY Wedding}

There are moments in between moments that make everything happen just the way that it should.  Poulomi and Jonathan had a summer like fall day grace their wedding at Sixty State Place in downtown Albany.  Perhaps if fairytales could be told and retold, they would get better with every wedding like this.  A dress fit for a princess, flower girls that were made for child magazines and bridal parties and family made this entire day come together.  Please enjoy their highlights!!

Venue: Sixty State Place, Albany NY

Bride’s Dress: Angela’s Bridal, Albany NY

Catering: Birch Hill Catering

Flowers: Karen Splendido – Designer
Wedding & Event Flowers –


DSC_8269-1DSC_8294-1 DSC_8301-1 DSC_8315-1

Sometimes you’re just a bunch of pretty girls in pink robes in downtown AlbanyDSC_8344-1If you make bubbles while applying lip stick, it last longer. (secret make-up tip)
DSC_8282-1DSC_8356-1 DSC_8376-1 DSC_8382-1DSC_8423-1First look. 
DSC_8435-1 DSC_8446-1I think he likes her.
DSC_8460-1 DSC_8470-1 DSC_8481-1 DSC_8499-1 DSC_8509-1This India native, had never ridden a school bus…til now.
DSC_8527-1 DSC_8537-1 DSC_8547-1They make stairs look good
DSC_8600-1Can we just smile at the flower girl right now?
DSC_2018-1 DSC_2027-1 DSC_2049-1 DSC_2077-1Smokin.
DSC_2362-1 DSC_2366-1 DSC_2368-1DSC_2003-1 DSC_2018-1 DSC_2027-1 DSC_2049-1 DSC_8624-1 DSC_8678-1 DSC_8746-1 DSC_8704-1 DSC_8790-1

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