Introducing Lauren and Austin! {Maple Shade Farm Wedding!}

Rain? What rain? It didn’t matter as Lauren and Austin’s happy day took over Maple Shade Farms this past Saturday.  If you can’t tell by simply looking at the images, this couple knows how to laugh and have fun with their friends and their family.  The day did dodge enough raindrops to hold the ceremony outside and the barn dances returned all the guests back inside where amazing food and fun captured the rest of the evening. Congrats Austin and Lauren and enjoy the highlights of your wonderful day!!

Venue: Maple Shade Farms, Delhi NY

Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal

Flowers: Sunnydale Florist, Delhi NY

Cake: Barb Hanselmann

DJ : Tito Endaya

Hair: Gia Rizzo – Bella Mia Salon, Albany NY

Make up: Bailee Besso

Photography by Associate Photographer: Shelly Wood

L_A-3-2 L_A-8 L_A-9 L_A-14 L_A-20 L_A-24 L_A-28 L_A-29 L_A-31 L_A-44 L_A-47 L_A-50 L_A-57 L_A-91 L_A-93 L_A-100 L_A-103 L_A-105 L_A-107 L_A-108 L_A-111 L_A-132 L_A-133 L_A-193 L_A-238 L_A-240 L_A-280 L_A-291 L_A-299 L_A-338 L_A-408 L_A-432 L_A-455 L_A-459 L_A-493 L_A-512 L_A-519 L-1 L-2 L-4 L-5-2A L-6

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