Introducing Stacy and Charlie: A Wedding at The Ole Tater Barn, Upstate NY


What do you do when it pours steady rain on your wedding day?  You claim it’s the best worst weather day ever!  Stacy didn’t stop smiling despite the lack of sunshine that showed last Saturday at the Ole Tater Barn in Central Bridge NY.   Stacy and Charlie had a memorable day filled with so many smiles that they pretty much created their own sunshine.

We had fun dodging rain drops and enjoying a wedding day decorated in personal detail and a lot of fun.  Enjoy Stacy and Charlie’s highlights!!

Hair and Make up by Alex: Alex cook

Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal

Flowers by The Little Posy Place , Schoharie NY

“At first you turned my head and then you turned my heart inside out

and I will forever be changed and gladly so”.

SC-1-5 SC-1-11 SC-1-13 SC-1-19 SC-1-27 SC-1-31 SC-1-38 SC-1-43 SC-1-73 SC-1-77 SC-1-83

First look with her father!

First look with her father!

SC-1-121 SC-1-128 SC-1-135 SC-1-137 SC-1-142 SC-1-143 SC-1-178 SC-1-183 SC-1-194 SC-1-210 SC-1-236 SC-1-251 SC-1-283 SC-1-296 SC-1-304 SC-1-307 SC-1-314 SC-1-319 SC-1-361 SC-1-374 SC-1-400 SC-1-442 SC-1-443 SC-1-449 SC-1-455 SC-1-469 SC-1-477 SC-1-486 SC-1-509 SC-1-559 SC-1-729


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