Introducing Amy and Wayne!! {Upstate NY Wedding Photographer}

I had so much fun with this couple on their wedding day.  It was if time stood still and just allowed to people to make promises in a whirlwind of autumn’s exit.  The Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown NY played our generous host as Amy and Wayne said I do in front of their family and friends.

It was the perfect blend of fall fun and ceremonial sweetness as this beautiful couple began their journey into forever. Enjoy their highlights!!


 “Love is born, but then cultured and raised. If when we come together

we can touch love so that it blossoms, well then we have found a way to keep it growing. “
webDSC_5863 webDSC_5859 webDSC_5847webDSC_6247 webDSC_6298 webDSC_6338webDSC_5899webDSC_5914webDSC_5933webDSC_5982webDSC_6003webDSC_6013webDSC_2763webDSC_2768webDSC_2778webDSC_2787webDSC_6365webDSC_6489webDSC_6495webDSC_6514webDSC_2998webDSC_3020webDSC_2947webDSC_2930webDSC_2891webDSC_2878webDSC_2843webDSC_6451 webDSC_6458 webDSC_6461 webDSC_6478webDSC_3099 webDSC_3120 webDSC_3134 webDSC_3141webDSC_6624 webDSC_6618

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