Introducing Renee and Chad!!! {A Cooperstown NY Wedding}

It was a November wedding to remember.  Renee and Chad were married at The Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown NY where the snow held off just long enough to say I do!

Despite the chill in the air, the fun and warmth of the entire was enough to get us through!  With a dress fit for a princess and floral arrangements designed for a movie set, the personalities of the bridal party and family made it a super fun day!

You must take note of the center pieces of each table… a pie for everyone!  We also loved the quilt that everyone signed as guest and of course Renee and Chad had just a wonderful relationship for us to capture.

webDSC_4029 webDSC_4046 webDSC_4051 webDSC_4057webDSC_7088webDSC_4096 webDSC_4107 webDSC_4118 webDSC_4122 webDSC_4129 webDSC_4138 webDSC_4142 webDSC_4145webDSC_7034webDSC_7038webDSC_4158 webDSC_4168 webDSC_4173 webDSC_4176 webDSC_4183 webDSC_4191 webDSC_4202 webDSC_4207 webDSC_4208 webDSC_4219 webDSC_4284 webDSC_4328 webDSC_4348 webDSC_4376 webDSC_4394 webDSC_4395 webDSC_4403 webDSC_4405 webDSC_4415 webDSC_4418 webDSC_4421 webDSC_4437

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