Introducing Nicole and David’s Wedding!

Please enjoy the highlights from Nicole and David’s beautiful wedding day in Stamford, NY at Nicole’s home.  The amount of handiwork and heart that went into pulling this masterpiece off in style was unbelievable.  It was visual and heartfelt delight to photograph this lovely day with a couple who literally didn’t stop smiling all day!!

“Can you just stay with me a while?

a forever would be grand,

if only time stood still

every time I took your hand

Because I would hold on

and on…and on” 

Flowers done by : Pires Flower Basket, Norwich, NY

Cake: Kelly Banks

Bridal Hair- Michelle McMahon (Delmar, NY),

 Bridesmaids Hair – Blood Sweat and Shears

Make Up :Julie Occhino, (Albany NY)

Associate Photographer: Shelly Wood
webDSC_9781webDSC_6282webDSC_9895 webDSC_9910 webDSC_9825webDSC_9986

Those flowers!!!


I loved, loved these colors and dresses and oh my!webDSC_9989 webDSC_9990webDSC_6413 webDSC_6158

He’s reading a card from his bride, if that’s not a genuine smile I don’t know what iswebDSC_6188 webDSC_6241webDSC_0079

webDSC_0111 webDSC_0116 webDSC_0130webDSC_0274webDSC_0282webDSC_0295

Hay bale kisses and all…webDSC_0309


Such a unique guest book, they all signed wooden hearts and dropped them in!

Sometimes you just need a moment.webDSC_6603webDSC_6588webDSC_0461webDSC_0673webDSC_0388webDSC_0369webDSC_0351Congratulations Nicole and David!

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