Introducing: Samantha and Nicholas! {A Cooperstown, NY Wedding}

Samantha and Nicholas are artists just by the way they live life.  The two have traveled the world together and will continue to do so as a married couple.  They speak to each other in poems and lyrics and have a zest for travel, photography, laughter and Samantha really loves sharks.  The two are completely taken with each other and their flair for life was evident in their self written vows in which Samantha did promise to be more patient even when she is hungry and Nicholas vowed to love her…even when she is hungry.  It was easy to see why these two make good travel companions as well as amazing life companions.  They laugh easy, they cry together and the amount of sentimental thoughts and moments through their special day spoke louder than any words.  It was a day to treasure for always.

The beautiful bride’s dress: Rainbow’s End (Oneonta, NY)

The cake – Kelly Banks Cakes

Flowers: Creek Flowers of Cooperstown.
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