Introducing Brian and Ashley!

A wedding that truly could not have been more magical.  Ashley and Brian promised forever in a quaint little church nestled in the Adirondacks with friends and family traveling from all over the country to be there for the big day.

Ashley was stunning as a bride who was starring in her fairytale come true and Brian the handsome prince who fell in love all over again.

Enjoy the visual delight of this wedding masterpiece.  It was so special to be a part of it all!  Enjoy these highlights!

It’s as if love chooses us

then we in turn, choose love

Til we are left with no choice

but to be in love with each other forever


Florist: Parkside Florist
Juanita Gentile

Cake: Lake George Baking Co.
Debbie Alberino

Make Up: Samantha Sennett

Bride’s dress and bridesmaid dresses: A Trace of Lace in Rutland, VT
Allure Bridal- Style number 8599

Groom’s Tux and groomsmen: Men’s Warehouse
Vera Wang Black
Black tux

DSC_2667 DSC_2678DSC_5407DSC_5494DSC_5496DSC_5505DSC_5524Look closely at the photo sitting on the stand beside her.

DSC_2843DSC_2832Warming up 🙂

DSC_2777DSC_5572I love his face when he first sees her !

DSC_2962DSC_2964DSC_2966DSC_2979Could she be more stunning?

DSC_2999DSC_5803DSC_5791DSC_5783DSC_5771DSC_5733DSC_5725DSC_5720DSC_5712DSC_5698DSC_5655DSC_5654DSC_5641DSC_5640DSC_5631DSC_5630DSC_5598DSC_5591One of my favorite photos of all time….


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