Introducing Alecia and Andrew!! {An Upstate NY Wedding}

Andrew and Alecia were married on a local farm in Middleburgh, NY near where Alecia grew up and it was a storybook wedding in the making. Barber’s Farm played host to the special occasion.  The flowers were done by Jackie Farrell at Price Chopper Floral and the amazing cake and cupcakes by Sara Hooper from The Carrot Barn.

Hair: The Hair Artist

Make Up:  Bailee Besso

Caterer: The Red Barn

Alecia grew up in Middleburgh and it was time to come back home to marry the one person she was meant to be with.   Both the bride and groom have infectious personalities, so it was no surprise that so many friends and family traveled to be a part of this beautiful day.  The details, the people, the laughter and the rekindling of so many memories made this day all that they hoped it would be and more.

Please enjoy these amazing highlights!!!
alecia and Andy highlights-8 alecia and Andy highlights-9 alecia and Andy highlights-10 alecia and Andy highlights-11 alecia and Andy highlights-12 alecia and Andy highlights-13 alecia and Andy highlights-14 alecia and Andy highlights-15 alecia and Andy highlights-16alecia and Andy highlights-17alecia and Andy highlights-51 alecia and Andy highlights-23 alecia and Andy highlights-24alecia and Andy highlights-30alecia and Andy highlights-35alecia and Andy highlights-33alecia and Andy highlights-32alecia and Andy highlights-31alecia and Andy highlights-41alecia and Andy highlights-40alecia and Andy highlights-39alecia and Andy highlights-38alecia and Andy highlights-36

alecia and Andy highlights-25alecia and Andy highlights-28alecia and Andy highlights-27alecia and Andy highlights-26alecia and Andy highlights-29alecia and Andy highlights-47alecia and Andy highlights-46alecia and Andy highlights-45alecia and Andy highlights-44alecia and Andy highlights-42DSC_8756 DSC_8752 DSC_8748

alecia and Andy highlights-50alecia and Andy highlights-49alecia and Andy highlights-48alecia and Andy highlights-45 alecia and Andy highlights-57 alecia and Andy highlights-56 alecia and Andy highlights-55alecia and Andy highlights-58 alecia and Andy highlights-60 alecia and Andy highlights-59alecia and Andy highlights-61 alecia and Andy highlights-62 alecia and Andy highlights-63 alecia and Andy highlights-64

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