Introducing Shannon and Jacob! {A Maple Shade Farms Wedding}

WOW! Let’s talk about this wedding with Shannon and Jacob!!  My rustic chic heart is so happy to see how much love was poured into every detail.  Shannon and Jacob just have the sweet and natural charisma when they are together.  They laugh easy with each other and they seem to find each other in those quiet places.  It was a day that captured the hearts of two people in love as well as anyone who was in attendance.   Please enjoy these highlights!!!!

Check out the cakes!

Venue: Maple Shade Farms

DJ- Pat Del Rosario

Check out the beautiful farm tables hand crafted by Jay at Maple Shade!!

shannon-1 shannon-2 shannon-3 shannon-4 shannon-5 shannon-6 shannon-7 shannon-8 shannon-9

Dancing shoes!!!shannon-10 shannon-11

This cake!!! So cool 🙂shannon-12 shannon-13 shannon-14 shannon-15 shannon-16 shannon-17 shannon-19 shannon-20 shannon-21 shannon-22 shannon-23 shannon-24 shannon-25 shannon-26

We love grandmas shannon-27

and cute ring bearers.shannon-28

and gorgeous wedding party.shannon-29 shannon-30 shannon-31 shannon-32 shannon-33 shannon-34 shannon-35 shannon-36 shannon-37 shannon-38 shannon-39 shannon-40 shannon-41 shannon-42 shannon-43 shannon-44 shannon-45 shannon-46 shannon-47 shannon-48 shannon-49 shannon-50 shannon-51 shannon-52 shannon-53 shannon-54 shannon-57 shannon-58 shannon-59 shannon-63

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