Introducing Tara and Ben! {An Inn at West Settlement Wedding}


Ben and Tara escaped to Upstate NY from Brooklyn to promise forever on Oct. 31 at the Inn at West Settlement in Roxbury, NY.  This ridiculously fun couple combined so many wonderful traditions and heritage pieces throughout their day you would never know it was even Halloween. Well, you would never know until it turned into a costume reception later in the night.

Friends and family traveled from as far away as London and as close as Brooklyn to make this happy couple complete on their wedding day.  A wonderful array of culture and family and don’t get us started on the food by Mary’s Cooking Again!

I hope you enjoy these highlights as much as we enjoyed the day!


webtaraandbenDSC_8311 20151031-DSC_7150 20151031-DSC_7064 20151031-DSC_7053 20151031-DSC_7042 20151031-DSC_7041 20151031-DSC_7029 20151031-DSC_7166 20151031-DSC_7177 tara and ben_-5 tara and ben_-4 tara and ben_-3 tara and ben_-11 tara and ben_-10 tara and ben_-9 tara and ben_-8 tara and ben_-7 tara and ben_-17 tara and ben_-16 tara and ben_-15 tara and ben_-14 tara and ben_-13 tara and ben_-12

when you truly love someone, you give them a pumpkin!tara and ben_-19 tara and ben_-18tara and ben_-3220151031-DSC_7223 20151031-DSC_7239tara and ben_-33tara and ben_-34tara and ben_-31

homemade potato chips, need I say more?

tara and ben_-30tara and ben_-29tara and ben_-28

tara and ben_-27The center pieces were to perfection!tara and ben_-26tara and ben_-25tara and ben_-23tara and ben_-22tara and ben_-21tara and ben_-20tara and ben_-36tara and ben_-39tara and ben_-38

sometimes your best friends are on point…


tara and ben_-37DSC_7664DSC_7666DSC_8812DSC_8817DSC_8863DSC_8887DSC_8891DSC_8932DSC_9014Sometimes, you just go for it! Happily ever after!

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