Introducing Sarah and Nick!! {An Upstate NY Wedding}


This November was met with Sarah and Nick joining their hearts together for forever.  This couple has more than enough love for life to pass around and it was a pleasure to be a part of their wedding day.  Sarah is a vibrant and lively woman who met her day with grace and beauty that infectious. Nick’s sense of humor matched his good looks  as he welcomed his bride.  I love how he loves her!

There is so much about this day that was tremendous, but I will let you enjoy the highlights.

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn, Clifton Park

Make up: Julie Occhino

Catering: Mazzone Hospitality
Pass-2 Pass-3

These shoes tho!

Mama and her girlPass-11 Pass-10 Pass-9

When he sees her..
Pass-8 Pass-7 Pass-6Pass-13 Pass-12Pass-14 Pass-16 Pass-15Pass-17 Pass-20

It might have been a little cold…Pass-27 Pass-26 Pass-25Pass-18Pass-19

So beautiful 🙂Pass-24 Pass-23 Pass-22 Pass-21Pass-28 Pass-35 Pass-34 Pass-33

ugh, she’s beautiful… and that’s ugh in a good way 😉Pass-32 Pass-31 Pass-30 Pass-29Pass-36 Pass-43 Pass-42 Pass-41 Pass-40 Pass-39 Pass-38 Pass-37Pass-44 Pass-50 Pass-49 Pass-47 Pass-46 Pass-45Pass-51

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