Introducing Kim & Dan {Franklin Plaza Wedding}

Dear Kim and Dan,

Oh how we loved your wedding!  We relished in the spring sunlight and your bridal party was a blast.  It was a blessing to see how much you love each other and to watch two families come together.

Kim you were so gracious all day long and love looks good on you! Dan, the way you looked at Kim and how you reacted at your first look is what makes our job so precious.  Thank you both for allowing us into your day and into your lives.   Please enjoy the highlights of your wedding day and your full gallery is on it’s way shortly.


Amber and Shelly.

Venue: Franklin Park Ballroom and Plaza

Hair and Make up: Karizma Hair Studio

Band: the accents

Cake: Coccadots


kim and dan blog-1

the dress!

kim and dan blog-2kim and dan blog-3kim and dan blog-4

kim and dan blog-5

mother of the bride…

kim and dan blog-6

First look on the roof top!

kim and dan blog-7kim and dan blog-8kim and dan blog-9kim and dan blog-10

kim and dan blog-11

So cool 🙂

kim and dan blog-12kim and dan blog-13

kim and dan blog-14


kim and dan blog-15kim and dan blog-16kim and dan blog-17

kim and dan blog-18

Such an awesome bridal party!!

kim and dan blog-19

kim and dan blog-20

we totally choreographed this… 

kim and dan blog-21kim and dan blog-22kim and dan blog-23kim and dan blog-24kim and dan blog-25kim and dan blog-26kim and dan blog-27kim and dan blog-28kim and dan blog-29kim and dan blog-30kim and dan blog-31

kim and dan blog-32

grilled cheese and tomato soup appetizers

kim and dan blog-33kim and dan blog-34kim and dan blog-35kim and dan blog-36kim and dan blog-37kim and dan blog-38kim and dan blog-39kim and dan blog-40kim and dan blog-41kim and dan blog-42kim and dan blog-43kim and dan blog-44

kim and dan blog-48

balloons, the best idea ever if you have children at our wedding

kim and dan blog-49kim and dan blog-50kim and dan blog-51kim and dan blog-52kim and dan blog-53kim and dan blog-54
kim and dan blog-5456

kim and dan blog-5460

Happily ever after

2 thoughts on “Introducing Kim & Dan {Franklin Plaza Wedding}

  1. It was a loving & beautiful wedding .. Two great families make one. Many ,many years of Healthy, love & happiness Love you both.

  2. Another beautiful wedding of glorious pictures.
    Amber it brought back so many great memories of Sarah and Sean’s wedding almost 3 years ago.
    You do such amazing work!

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