Introducing Bridget and Stephen! {A Hunter Mountain Wedding} Upstate NY Photographer

Dear Bridget and Stephen,

Thank you so much for allowing us to capture this incredible wedding day of yours.  Your sense of humor and spirit for adventure was insanely infectious.  The Haines Falls proved to be a perfect backdrop to some gorgeous images and your first look was as sweet as it gets.

We loved photographing your bridal party and family at the top of Hunter Mountain and nothing beats amazing cupcakes at a reception.

Thank you so much!  Enjoy these highlights from your wedding day, may you be very blessed on your next adventure!

xoxo Amber and Shelly.


Bridal Dress: Bridal by Yvonne

Bridesmaids dresses: Bridal By Yvonne

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Cupcakes from Adams

Florist: The Dancing Tulip

Amber J Photography-2Amber J Photography-12Amber J Photography-11Amber J Photography-10Amber J Photography-9Amber J Photography-8Amber J Photography-7Amber J Photography-6Amber J Photography-5Amber J Photography-4Amber J Photography-13Amber J Photography-14Amber J Photography-24Amber J Photography-23Amber J Photography-21Amber J Photography-20Amber J Photography-19Amber J Photography-18Amber J Photography-17Amber J Photography-16Amber J Photography-15Amber J Photography-27Amber J Photography-26Amber J Photography-28Amber J Photography-30Amber J Photography-36Amber J Photography-35Amber J Photography-33Amber J Photography-32Amber J Photography-31Amber J Photography-37Amber J Photography-42Amber J Photography-41Amber J Photography-40Amber J Photography-39Amber J Photography-38Amber J Photography-44Amber J Photography-43Amber J Photography-45Amber J Photography-46Amber J Photography-49Amber J Photography-48Amber J Photography-47Amber J Photography-56Amber J Photography-55Amber J Photography-54Amber J Photography-53Amber J Photography-52Amber J Photography-51Amber J Photography-50Amber J Photography-57And that’s how it should always end… with a little fire 🙂

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