You don’t have to be one thing or the other: Steampunk infused Rustic styled shoot with Maple Shade Farms {Upstate NY Weddings}

This visual enticement will get your mind reeling with ideas! The creative genius of Abigail Wilson at Maple Shade Farms will blow your wedding idea mind.  We had chatted about pulling together a styled shoot about a year ago and this summer it finally came to life.

We locked in on the idea of a rustic wedding shoot at her farm with the an edgy twist.  We found our inspiration through the steampunk art form and away we went.

Metals and rustic features laid the ground work for this amazing shoot at the farm.  The best thing is, Abby can make an bride’s vision come to life and it’s quite awesome to watch happen.

Let us tell you the story of our rustic steampunk inspired wedding shoot.

A special thanks to Holiday Farm Biscuit Farm Co. for the amazing cake.

A huge shout out to Amy from 560 Salon and Spa

Maple Shade Farms

Joel and Laura for being super lovely models and visionaries.


Steampunk for the blog-16Steampunk for the blog-15

Joel and Laura brought the bridal vision to life.

Steampunk for the blog-75Steampunk for the blog-76Steampunk for the blog-77

Steampunk for the blog-5Steampunk for the blog-6

Steampunk for the blog-14Steampunk for the blog-12

fierce and flawless..

Steampunk for the blog-11Steampunk for the blog-10Steampunk for the blog-9Steampunk for the blog-26Steampunk for the blog-27Steampunk for the blog-28

Abby designed the flowers, look at them closely!

Steampunk for the blog-29Steampunk for the blog-30Steampunk for the blog-31Steampunk for the blog-32Steampunk for the blog-33Steampunk for the blog-34Steampunk for the blog-35Steampunk for the blog-36Steampunk for the blog-37Steampunk for the blog-38Steampunk for the blog-39

Steampunk for the blog-4Steampunk for the blog-81

And here you have an amazing naked cake by Holiday Farm Biscuit CO.

Steampunk for the blog-82Steampunk for the blog-83Steampunk for the blog-90Steampunk for the blog-91Steampunk for the blog-92Steampunk for the blog-93Steampunk for the blog-17Steampunk for the blog-18Steampunk for the blog-19Steampunk for the blog-20Steampunk for the blog-21Steampunk for the blog-22Steampunk for the blog-23Steampunk for the blog-24Steampunk for the blog-25

Steampunk for the blog-40Steampunk for the blog-41Steampunk for the blog-42Steampunk for the blog-43Steampunk for the blog-44Steampunk for the blog-45Steampunk for the blog-46Steampunk for the blog-52Steampunk for the blog-53Steampunk for the blog-54Steampunk for the blog-55Steampunk for the blog-56Steampunk for the blog-57Steampunk for the blog-58

Steampunk for the blog-51Steampunk for the blog-50Steampunk for the blog-49

Pop up bar anyone? That’s what this amazing hunk of metal will be on wedding days at the farm!

Steampunk for the blog-48Steampunk for the blog-47

Steampunk for the blog-50

Before we go, we are excited to start making a move in our wedding photography business. We LOVE all weddings and our focus is always on our couples happiest moments! Shelly and I have started the transition slowly to purely rustic, chic and fabulous weddings located in the regions most precious farm and barn venues.  What does that mean? It means our little rustic hearts have a home and will be seen in more barns than traditional style venues in 2017.  This is our little secret until things truly get rolled out. But thank you for journeying with us this far.  In all things steampunk, rustic and beautiful weddings:


amber and shelly

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