Introducing Sasha and Randall! {A Maple Shade Farms Wedding}

Dear Sasha and Randall,

Your wedding day was as precious as you are.  We loved starting the day off with you at Mountain Brook Inn (can we go back please?).  The muffins that morning started the day off right!

From there the beautiful drive to Maple Shade Farm was almost as beautiful as the wedding itself (#willsavedtheday)  .

The sun and the gentle breeze that seems to find it’s way to the Catskill Mountains often,  introduced themselves once again for your perfect day. It set the tone for your first look which was about as sweet as it gets.  The way you two looked at each other could melt any heart.

Maple Shade Farms embraced your day and your details rocked!  The flowers and the floral crown Abby made for you, were to die for!  What an amazing day.  Thank you for letting us into your lives and allowing us to capture these moments for you.

Your full gallery is coming soon.

xoxo Amber and Shelly.


Mountain Brook Inn is to die for.  I loved this little gem in the Catskills. DSC_1372DSC_1613

“It’s a nice day for a red wedding” These girls rocked it. DSC_1620DSC_1669DSC_1675DSC_1678DSC_1687

Sasha, how absolutely stunning. DSC_1376DSC_1423

The guys just hanging around waiting for the girls to get ready. DSC_1425-EditDSC_1460DSC_1462DSC_1463Sasha and Randall love music.  So Abby from Maple Shade Farms created these details pieces throughout the venue. DSC_1472DSC_1473Have I ever mentioned how much we love first looks 🙂DSC_1493DSC_1500DSC_1512DSC_1515DSC_1564DSC_1575DSC_1565DSC_1583

Sometimes it’s just a good time to hoola hoop. DSC_1593DSC_1607DSC_1887DSC_1926DSC_1932DSC_2105DSC_2112DSC_2126DSC_2161DSC_2166DSC_2126DSC_1844DSC_2014DSC_1976DSC_2032

DSC_2225DSC_2230DSC_2233DSC_2425DSC_2430DSC_1950Congratulations Sasha and Randall!!!

One thought on “Introducing Sasha and Randall! {A Maple Shade Farms Wedding}

  1. Such gorgeous photos and what beautiful comments… The day could not have been more lovely and it was captured perfectly!!! Love to you both and thank you for allowing us to be part of such a deeply moving and beautiful day!!! Aunt Nikki and family xoxo

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