Our Main Street will miss these beautiful souls:

In fond memory of Mike and Loretta.

This fall and winter we had the privilege of working with Marjie, a communications intern from SUNY Cobleskill.  During the summer months we thought it would be fun to go to a few Main Street businesses and ask them why they chose Middleburgh to invest their life and work. We compiled a few of their answers into a little video vlog.

It started out as a project without knowing that two very lovely people would pass away before the video went live at the end of the year.

Today we watch this video with heavy hearts knowing that our Main Street will never be the same.  Today we realize that life is never a promise, that tomorrow is never certain and that it’s never too redundant to say ‘I love you’ over and over and over again.

Be sad they are gone, be happy we knew them, be grateful for their legacy, be inspired by who they are.  We will miss them both so dearly. To family and dear friends, may their voices never fade and their lives forever be in your hearts.  We are truly sorry for your loss.

Thank you to Marjie for completing this video.  Thank you to Middleburgh for being the very town to which many call home and treasured souls like this exist.

**please note this video was cut and processed before the sad passing of our Mrs. K. (Loretta Kennedy)

With love:


Amber and Shelly

Amber J Photography

3 thoughts on “Our Main Street will miss these beautiful souls:

  1. RIP Mrs.K . My heart is sad to hear of your passing. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy you and our conversation about my Grampa. Oh I bet there is a party in heaven with all the people you love and have missed. God Bless you sweet lady.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to two special people.
    Lovely video. I enjoyed watching it a few times.
    Thanks for sharing.

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