Introducing Stephanie and Thomas! {A Franklin Plaza Wedding}

“Where do I begin? Where do you start? The answer is not clear and that is exactly how I’ve always dreamed it should be.  Ourselves are so entrenched in each other, we no longer breathe alone”

Dear Stephanie and Thomas,

We have never loved the month of January.  It has always seemed dreary with no holidays to celebrate and summer still so far away.  However, your wedding lit up 2017 like fireworks.

The precious moments between you and your parents, the awesome bridal party and ceremony that made God smile down on you.

You are a blessing to this world and I am so grateful to have photographed this moment in your lives.

May you enjoy the highlights of your wedding, your full gallery is nearly complete 🙂


Amber and Shelly

Venue and catering services: Franklin Plaza Ballroom, Troy NY

Flowers: Frank Gallo and Sons Florist, Schenectady NY


Thomas made his bride a book journeying their time together so far…



The excitement the morning of her weddings was so beautiful! Just like her 🙂thomas-and-stephanie-blog-35


SO much love and tendernessthomas-and-stephanie-blog-38thomas-and-stephanie-blog-39thomas-and-stephanie-blog-40thomas-and-stephanie-blog-41


When Stephanie’s father sees his little girl all dressed for her wedding day.thomas-and-stephanie-blog-43thomas-and-stephanie-blog-44thomas-and-stephanie-blog-45


Seeing his bride walking toward him.amber-j-photography-11amber-j-photography-13amber-j-photography-14


Despite being January, this bridal party was all sizzle and laughter!!amber-j-photography-18amber-j-photography-19thomas-and-stephanie-blog-49thomas-and-stephanie-blog-47thomas-and-stephanie-blog-46thomas-and-stephanie-blog-51thomas-and-stephanie-blog-52amber-j-photography-17amber-j-photography-20amber-j-photography-21amber-j-photography-22thomas-and-stephanie-blog-53thomas-and-stephanie-blog-54thomas-and-stephanie-blog-55thomas-and-stephanie-blog-56thomas-and-stephanie-blog-57stephanie-and-thomas-blog-62thomas-and-stephanie-blog-67thomas-and-stephanie-blog-59thomas-and-stephanie-blog-60thomas-and-stephanie-blog-61thomas-and-stephanie-blog-62-2



Message us here for more information on our wedding photography!

or call : 518-657-9218

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