About.Me and What to Expect!

Please feel free to fill out our investment tabs when inquiring about a wedding!!

Shelly and I tag team.  We love food, we love weddings, we love meeting new people (that’s where you come).  We take our work seriously, not ourselves.  It’s a passion driven by God and we love what we create from your magical day.  You have been planning for this and we ! We are worry eliminators, time line creators, professional lovers of art, self proclaimed foodies  and awesome image makers.  (laughter is free).





bts model shoot-2


Email: amberjphoto@gmail.com

Instagram: @amberjphoto

What to expect:

The initial contact will result from how you found me!  A quick little form tha tyou can fill out here:  will facilitate me getting back in touch with you!  I follow up with a quick email and we set up a time to chat or meet.  I prefer face to face consultations, but since many of our clients are from all over this beautiful state I am willing to phone or skpe or facetime.  Whatever is easier for you.

Where is all the pricing?

Pricing is something I feel needs to be relayed in person.  Every photographer is different and that can make it very difficult for YOU to decide.  Pricing, though very important is not what defines our packages and we like to go through everything that is included.  We have three packages which gives couples a range of options and we are happy to walk through each of them for you.

How do I lock in my date?

After we have met and you decide that we are the right fit for you, we accept a $250 deposit to hold your wedding date.

The engagement session:

webAmber J Photography -9

The engagement session is something we include with our packages for several reason.   Our primary reason is to work with you before your wedding day.  This gives us a chance to put you in front of our cameras!  Many nerves and questions come up befor the big day and we have found the engagement session alleviates a ton of misconceptions or nervousness.  It gives you several fun images to use in any way you would like.   I can’t stress enough the importance of this session for our couples.

How long is the engagement session:

We typically shoot for about an hour to an hour and a half depending on the couple and the number of locations we are working with.

webAmber J Photography -14

Can I swap out my engagement session?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to put you in front of our camera’s before the big day, however if you really don’t need or want an engagement session we offer:


day after photos

rehearsal dinner attendance

We do not lower price if you choose not to take advantage of this service 🙂

After the wedding then what?


I disappear forever and you never hear from me again 🙂 Just kidding.

I will be in contact with you all along the way. You will receive a sneak peek within one week for your wedding, a blog highlight within two weeks and your full gallery within one month.


We have several products and albums to choose from and will present them to you after you have enjoyed your wedding day!

4 thoughts on “About.Me and What to Expect!

  1. Gorgeous pics, especially the blk & whites. We are Stacy’s aunt & uncle in Va. Unfortunately, we could not be there,but you captured the loving moments. – Penny & John Hitt

  2. Hi! I got your information from Ashley paquette! I am getting married 9/18/15 at the erlowest. Do you have availability? Could we discuss packages if so? My cell is 774-278-0041, call anytime!

    Sarah 🙂

    • Hi Sarah
      I am so sorry, my blog comments are screened and spammed and we never saw your comment. If you still need a photographer please contact us directly at amberjphoto@gmail.com or call 518-657-9218 that is the best way to find us! Thanks for even considering us!!!!

  3. Hi Amber- I am so happy you are realizing your dream and am equally happy that you will be joining main street. What a wonderful summer lies ahead and all the seasons thereafter.

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